Thursday, Nov 7 (1:30p)

Main Stage Conversation 4 – Denominational Dynamics & Transition

Facilitated by Mark DeYmaz with Brian Warth (FMCUSA), Kim Gladden (Wesleyan Church), Daniel Yang (Send Network) & Chip Freed (UMC)

Theology of the Multiethnic Church

  • C2 Leadership: Leading Flourishing Multiethnic Churches & Organizations • Bryan Loritts
    Join Bryan to consider the why, how, and what of what of leading healthy multiethnic churches and organizations. Learn why vision must get beyond the temporal and characterized by making sacrifices that make a difference and a willingness to immerse oneself in the environments and lives of people who are different from them.

Multiethnic Church Planting

  • Should We Throw Out the Baby and the Bath Water? • Trey Grant
    In this session, Trey will discuss the homogenous unit principle. Join him to consider its historic origin, how it has been misunderstood and misapplied over the past fifty years, and what specifically can be retained and that must rejected by those seeking to plant a healthy multiethnic church in the 21st century.

Homogeneous Church Transition

  • Multiethnic Merger: Uniting Congregations for God’s Glory • Bernard Emerson & Kyle Brooks
    Our country desperately needs multiethnic churches… yet a decades-long transition will leave diverse neighbors without a credible witness of God’s love today. But what if building a healthy multiethnic church can be expedited through merger? In this workshop, Bernard and Kyle will share best practices for creating one multiethnic body from two mono-ethnic churches.

Sociological Insights

  • Racial Justice and the Multiethnic Church • Oneya Okuwobi
    Multiethnic churches  employ a variety of strategies when it comes to dealing with issues of race. In this session, we will examine those strategies and  discuss the implications of those strategies for racial justice in the church and society.

Jesus & Justice

  • Justice as Worship & Formation • Gabriel Salguero
    In this workshop, Gabe will help you community engagement beyond Sunday mornings. How should the call to Gospel-centered worship and discipleship be proclaimed and expressed by the people of multiethnic and economically diverse congregations beyond the corporate gathering? Come consider worship as more than a song and as it is as well: a call to action.

Empowering Diverse Leaders

  • The Dynamics of Shared Leadership in a Healthy Multi-ethic Church • Donavon Thigpen & Matt McGue
    It’s a “put your money where your mouth is” principle: multi-ethnic churches must empower a diverse leadership team. Join Donovan and Matt to learn why you should, how you can, and what to do to create such a team and/or to develop a succession plan for emerging leaders of color.

Missional & Multiethnic

  • The Church Has Left the Building • Rodrigo Cruz
    In 2015, Rodrigo planted the NETT Church in Atlanta, GA as part of the UMC. Join him to consider the New Testament Church at Antioch as a model for competent cross-cultural ministry, effective multiethnic church planting, and fruitful missiological movement, and in the process consider viability for practical implementation in our society.


  • Will Your Church Survive the Tech Disruptions of the Next Decade? • Christopher Benek
    Emerging technology is exponentially disrupting how we execute ministry. Knowing what is coming and how to adapt is an issue of survival for over half of U.S. churches in the next decade. Join Christopher to learn how to leverage emerging trends and give healthy multiethnic churches an edge to flourishing by creating new sources of sustainability.

Cross-cultural Competence

  • Tilling the Soil • Harry Li
    One of the worst things an organization can do is to pursue greater diversity without properly preparing for it. Join Harry to examine conditions for breaking new ground and ways to improve collective self-awareness so that both the organization itself and early-in pioneers are well prepared for the challenges that lay ahead.

Overcoming Fears & Tensions

  • Systemic Racism: The Elephant in the Church • Joanne Solis-Walker
    This session will address how processes and systems can contribute to the alienation of people from diverse backgrounds, even when a church is attempting to be a multiethnic community. Using a culturally responsive framework, Joanne will explain how to move from naming the ‘elephant in the room’ to changing unintentional behaviors that propagate institutional biases and ungodly divisiveness within the church.

Contemporary Issues

  • Challenges of Ministry in a Religiously Diverse Neighborhood • Mathew Kuruvilla
    Join Mathew to explore the opportunities and challenges of leading healthy multiethnic churches in religiously diverse neighborhoods. Come consider how Parkside Baptist in Sydney, Australia, engages its neighbors worshipping next door in a Laotian Buddhist Temple, Muslim Mosque, Islamic College, and Chinese, Vietnamese and Cambodian Temples… as is similarly becoming the American context.

Promising Practices

  • Merging Two Church Families: Lessons Learned • Ben Cloud & Marcellus Dukes
    Come learn how two churches dated before merging, and the awkwardness they experienced along the way. In this workshop, Ben and Marcellus will speak to the necessity of compromise, culture shifts, values that have guided them along the way as well as moments of victory and surprise.

Multiplication Toolbox

  • Indeed… a Global Movement & Network • MosaiX Europe Team
    The Multiethnic (or Multicultural as they say in Europe) Church Movement is alive well across the pond and around the world. In this workshop, come meet MosaiX Europe’s core leadership team representing Germany, England, Greece, and The Netherlands to learn how you/your church can potentially get involved in new church starts, existing church transformation, and justice work in twelve countries throughout Europe.

Common Challenges

  • They Say It Can’t Be Done • Sam Chacko
    In this workshop, Sam will discuss some of the challenges faced by church planters who come from an Honor/Shame culture. Come learn from his experience as a bi-vocational pastor who launched a church with 20 Indian Americans, one today that is comprised of more than 25 ethnic groups.

The Urban Context

  • Authentic Engagement: Where Mission and Ministry Meet Up • Georgia Mjartan
    Developing meaningful opportunities for an ethnically and economically diverse membership to engage with the community can pay dividends in recruitment, retention, and even bottom line. But only if it’s done in an authentic and intentional way. Move your membership beyond the “volunteer” mindset into an immersion ethos.

Leading Worship

  • Reviving Worship • Joshua Chavez
    If you’ve all been blessed by music at #Mosaix19, come hang out with Josh who’s put it all together. In this session, he’ll discusses the how and what of constructing Sunday morning worship sets that that promote a spirit of inclusion, get diverse musicians and singers in involved, and can help you “stage” the vision beyond mere words.

Engaging NXT GENs

  • Building Trust in the Midst of Trust-Issues Jason Koppen & Daniel Esplin
    Today’s younger generations have experienced abandonment, betrayal, and even abuse.  Building trusting relationships is more important—and more difficult—than ever.  Drawing from their work with one of the most “trust-challenged” people groups in the world, Jason and Daniel will discuss how to build a trusting community of all generations.