Thursday, Nov 7 (10:45a)

Main Stage Conversation 3 – Politics & Election 2020

Facilitated by David Anderson with Jenny Yang, Gabriel Salguero, Joyce Elliot & Ray Chang

Theology of the Multiethnic Church

  • The Foundation of the Multi-Ethnic Church • Scot McKnight
    Where does one begin to form a solid and stable foundation for the multi ethnic church? One begins with Galatians 3:28’s famous Magna Carta of comprehensive inclusion, but this session will explain how Philemon, that testy little letter of Paul to a slaveowner, shows us all where to begin.

Multiethnic Church Planting

  • Planting an Intentionally Diverse Church in a Monocultural City • Saehee Duran
    In 2015, Saehee and her husband, Damon, launched a multiethnic dinner church in one of the least diverse cities in America: Springfield, MO. Four years later, their work is known for its effectiveness in building bridges between varying cultures, both in and outside the church. Come learn promising practices to help position your church to reach its increasingly diverse community.

Homogeneous Church Transition

  • Seamless Transition via Spiritually-based Racial Reconciliation • Rufus Smith
    Under Rufus’ leadership, Hope Evangelical Presbyterian Church (Memphis, TN) transitioned from a 99 percent, 7,000 member Caucasian congregation into a healthy multi-ethnic church. Come learn how an 8 week multi-ethnic/inter-generational small group experience called ETHNOS helped it do so, and how it can help your church do the same by creating cross-cultural friendships and discipleship experiences.

Sociological Insights

  • Ministering To, In, and With Diverse Peoples • Ben Yazzie
    In this workshop, Ben will share a model for understanding cross-cultural engagement situated in a quadrants format… one that leads from external to internal levels of consideration. The model offers a perspective on components of culture and displays differences between people groups and backgrounds that contribute to Christian diversity, thereby, influencing ministry and methodology.

Jesus & Justice

  • Protest and the People of God • Michelle Higgins
    Why do some block highways or disrupt “business as usual?” In this workshop, Michelle will discuss why and how Christians participate in liberation movements that do not otherwise self-identify as gospel centered. She’ll overview a history of repression against protest movements, and provide practical recommendations for ecclesial grounding, spiritual health, and resilience for those interested in community organizing.

Empowering Diverse Leaders

  • The Ripple Effects of An Intentionally Diverse Staff Team • Kyle Ray
    Intentionality is essential to building healthy multiethnic churches… yet some of the more subtle, practical benefits are not always discussed. In this workshop, Kyle will talk about the passive benefits of intentionally empowering a diverse staff team. Come be challenged to consider the deeper layers of transformation that can come from intentional moves by leadership.

Missional & Multiethnic

  • From Missional Lingo to Meaningful Impact • Jason Janz & Juan Pena
    How can pastors and churches get beyond asking, How do we help neighbors in poverty? to actually helping their neighbors escape poverty? Come learn from Jason and Juan whose multiethnic church in urban Denver has raised over $20,000,000 since 2008 and used it to help over 250 neighborhood residents land careers making $15 an hour or more.


  • Generating Income by Establishing Non Profit & For-profit Enterprises • Jay Moon & Paul Kroger
    Many churches and church planters are stretched financially, which can result in frustration and closure. In this session, Jay and Paul will explain why your church should consider innovative approaches that impact the community and marketplace in order to get beyond economic survival and move toward sustainability by creating multiple streams of income.

Cross-cultural Competence

  • Developing Culturally Diverse Leaders • Nesan Kistan
    Culturally diverse teams can help deliver better outcomes. They have the potential to be more creative, but conflicting cultural norms and assumptions can keep them from reaching their full potential. Join Nesan to learn how to spot and address points of tension before they arise to undermine good intentions and results.

Overcoming Fears & Tensions

  • Lessons from the Front • Ellis Prince
    Ellis has served as a pastor of a multiethnic, economically diverse church in Baltimore for the past eleven years, a city that is more than 75 percent non-white, and leading the nation in all the wrong categories. Join Ellis to consider what is needed to get beyond hurt to hope and unite diverse people together as one in the local church.

Contemporary Issues

  • Gracism for Gays • David Anderson
    As same-sex marriage becomes the law of the land, churches in America must grapple with the issue of homosexuality within its four walls. Join David to consider Gracism for Gays, a framework church leaders can use to navigate inclusivity and complexity without compromise.

Promising Practices

  • Dream With Me • Dr. John M. Perkins
    Workshop C – Thursday, Nov 7 (10:45a)
    Justice is something for which every generation must strive. Reconciliation cannot be accomplished through big campaigns or mass media, only by love. In this session, Dr. Perkins will share words of wisdom from a life well loved, his hope for the American Church and heart for future generations.
    It’s Dr. P… need we say more;-)!

Multiplication Toolbox

  • A Global New Normal • Stephen Beck
    Surprised by the overwhelming refugee wave and increasing numbers of Muslims coming into the European Church, we in Europe have joined the MosaiX Movement and are bringing a special emphasis by equipping national leaders (mono) to embrace foreigners and refugees (multi) in their church communities. Join Stephen to learn more about the European context and how to similarly engage.

Common Challenges

  • Avoiding Tokenism and the Heterogenous Leadership ParadigmDaniel Yang
    The future of missions in North America requires culturally intelligent leaders and meaningfully diverse leadership teams. However, as many leaders and pastors are finding out, it’s not as simple as hiring a young “minority” person. In this workshop, Daniel will share how to establish meaningful and reflective diversity in organizational leadership and thought leadership.

The Urban Context

  • The Urgency of Urban Church Planting •  Efrem Smith Alex Mandes
    In the last 50 years, urban population has risen from 70% to 82%. But churches are fleeing urban centers or approaching them with old, ineffective paradigms. In this session, Efrem and Alex will explain why urban centers present gospel opportunities for those who stay, serve, adapt and are authentic.

Leading Worship

  • Cultivating Compassion In A Divided Room Julie Tai
    In an increasingly divided world, what can worship leaders do to foster a greater compassion in Christ followers for our biblical neighbors? In this workshop, Julie will explore creative ways and share practical tips that can help you lead others to see Christ in one another through the act of worship.

Engaging NXT GENs

  • Show & Tell: Using Images & Words to Build Healthy Multiethnic Homes & Ministries • Dorena Williamson
    From Black Panther, to #notmyAriel, diversity is part of our world. Representation matters and can always be improved. Using her three diverse children’s books, In this workshop, Dorena will provide insights and practical ways for parents and churches to shape a kingdom identity for children.