Wednesday, Nov 6 (1:30p)

Main Stage Conversation 2 – Gracism: the Art of Inclusion

Facilitated by David Anderson with Derwin Gray, Georgina De La Mora, Chris Beard & Naeem Fazal

Theology of the Multiethnic Church

  • Intersection: The Theological Crossroad of Faith, Work, and the Multiethnic Church • Ray Chang
    Local churches are experiencing an encroaching, much needed paradigm integration of faith and work, in part demonstrated by conversations surrounding bi-vo and co-vocational leadership. Join Ray to explore the role multiethnic churches can play at the intersection of faith, work and community, and how to equip members for impact in all spheres of life.

Multiethnic Church Planting

  • Landmines and Lessons • Brian Warth
    In this workshop, Brian will unpack some of the tensions of planting an ethnically and economically diverse church. What are the inherent landmines of this type of ministry and how might you navigate them? Come be inspired and equipped by Brian’s insights and his story of planting one of the fastest growing multiethnic/multisite churches in the nation.

Homogeneous Church Transition

  • The Rubicons of Transitioning • Mark Hearn
    “Rubicon”- a line that when crossed commits a person irrevocably. In this workshop, Mark will share lessons learned through the story of an Anglo suburban church in Atlanta that has transformed into a healthy multicultural community of faith with members today from 46 countries. Transition begins with the heart of leaders who must make tough decisions that require biblical fidelity. Come learn the “rubicons of transitioning.”

Sociological Insights

  • Estranged Pioneers: How Pastors of Color Navigate Heading Racially and Ethnically Diverse Churches • Korie Edwards
    Drawing upon research from the Religious Leadership and Diversity Project (RLDP), the most comprehensive study of U.S. multiracial church head clergy ever conducted, this workshop addresses the particular experiences of pastors of color who head multiracial churches. Join Korie to consider the unique challenges, joys, and best practices such leaders can employ to be healthy and effective as multiracial church head clergy.

Jesus & Justice

  • Understanding the Global Human Trafficking Crisis • Joy Kirkland
    In this workshop, Joy asks us to open our eyes to injustice in order to join Jesus in His mission to set captives free. Come hear a global perspective and a gospel heartbeat for confronting modern day slavery. Discover how the multicultural church can be a powerful catalyst for a Gospel Abolitionist movement.

Empowering Diverse Leaders

  • Leading a Healthy Multiethnic/Multicultural Church • Ken Wytsma, Insil Kang, Renjy Abraham, & Paul Choi
    If you’re hungry for practical discussion and Q&A interaction with a team from one of Oregon’s most ethnically diverse congregations, come engage leadership from Beaverton’s Village Church. The conversation will topics such as how to navigate race/power conversations and dynamics, empowering diverse leaders, the integration of first and second generations, and more.

Missional & Multiethnic

  • Building Better Multiethnic Teams • Ed Stetzer
    Multiethnic ministry takes extra effort to avoid miscommunication between people of varying cultural backgrounds. In this session, missiologist Ed Stetzer will explain how to build healthy multiethnic teams through better cross-cultural communication. Join him to learn best practices of communication theory applied in a local church or ministry context.


  • Dealing with Political Division in a Multiethnic Church • Kevin Haah
    The current political environment is divisive. Different ethnic groups have different political leanings. How can pastors effectively navigate the minefield of political differences in a multiethnic church, and bring people together when political loyalties have become so personal? Join Kevin to learn how to build unity “across the aisle” in a local church.

Cross-cultural Competence

  • Removing the Walls Between the Local Church & Its Hispanic Neighbors • Daniel A. Rodriguez
    Daniel has been conducting research across the country to better understand how to remove the social and theological barriers that inhibit the church’s effort to reach a diverse and growing Hispanic population. In this workshop, he’ll share some of the counter-intuitive findings and their implications for missional engagement.

Overcoming Fears & Tensions

  • The Third Option: Hope for a Racially Divided Nation • Miles McPherson
    In this workshop, Miles will discuss individual and collective frustration with mounting racial tension and divisions in the U.S. as well as in the church. Come learn how we can and must lead our people to rise above divisive issues to be part of something bigger by fully embracing God’s goodness and power.

Contemporary Issues

  • Pastoring Diverse Members in Politically Divided Times • Rich Nathan
    Surveys and personal experience tell us that America is more polarized than it has been in decades. Political discourse has become increasingly angry, and both the left and the right frequently demonize each other. Even church members have become conditioned to read every message through political lenses. Join Rich to practical tips for guiding others in these divisive times.

Promising Practices

  • From Diversity to Influence • Noemi Chavez
    The effectiveness of a healthy multiethnic church is not measured by size but by influence. By leveraging diversity, it can build unique partnerships throughout a city and influence decisions that advance hope for all. Join Noemi to learn how your church can leverage its diversity, broaden its impact, and strengthen its credibility for the sake of the gospel.

Multiplication Toolbox

  • Multifaceted Multiplication • Yucan Chiu
    Many believe that church multiplication can only happen after a certain budget and/or attendance is reached. In fact, it can happen sooner. Join Yucan to consider various models and proven strategies employed by the Ethnos Network, a thriving multiethnic church planting group that grew from one to fifteen churches in less than four years.

Common Challenges

  • Healing Our Broken Humanity • Grace Ji-Sun Kim
    In this workshop, Grace will offer Christian practices that can bring healing and hope to a broken world. Ten ways to transform society – from lament and repentance, to relinquishing power – will be discussed. Join her to learn how, by embodying these practices, we can become the new humanity in Jesus Christ, and as peacemakers and reconcilers see justice restored.

The Urban Context

  • Recalibrating Community Development & Church Planting Paradigms • Alex Mandes with John Gearhart & Charles Wilson
    Too often, people talk about community development apart from the local church; and vice versa. The most successful urban ministries, however, wed these two elements. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to get beyond compartmentalization, what attitudes and practices from the past must be adapted or discarded, how to advance the Gospel and build the church through transformational community engagement.

Leading Worship

  • Relationships, Song Sets & More • Eric Lige
    What specific, essentials elements are necessary for developing a healthy and vibrant multiethnic worship gathering? From staff relationships to song sequences, Eric will explain what it takes to create a loving and thriving worship experience for everyone involved in your church.

Engaging NXT GENs

  • Empowering Young People Through CPR• Georgia Morris & Linda Lovett
    Outside of Sunday mornings, lay people can make a significant impact in the lives of children throughout the week. In this workshop, Georgia and Linda will share the why, how, and what of developing an award-winning CPR (chess, problem-solving, and reading) program in their community that’s bringing children from diverse ethnic, economic, and religious backgrounds into the church.