Wednesday, Nov 6 (10:45a)

Main Stage Conversation 1 – The Coming Revolution in Church Economics

Facilitated by Mark DeYmaz with Jay Moon, Greg Wigfield, Helen Mitchell, Sherman Bradley & Martin Robinson

Theology of the Multiethnic Church

  • Ethnic Reconciliation and the Mystery of the Gospel • Jonathan Seda
    Helping people embrace the vision and mission of a healthy multi-ethnic church begins with strong theology. In this workshop, Jonathan will present a biblical argument to help you help others understand racial reconciliation as both integral and essential to the gospel, by unpacking Paul’s teaching in Ephesians concerning the mystery of the gospel.

Multiethnic Church Planting

  • So You’re Planting a Multiethnic Church?! • Albert Tate
    Come learn from Albert as he shares stories of wins and losses, explains promising practices, and draws on the experiential knowledge gained from his own journey in planting Fellowship Monrovia, CA… a Gospel-centered, multiethnic, and intergenerational church, in 2012. Join him for this informative and enlightening peek behind the curtain.

Homogeneous Church Transition

  • The Why, How, and What of Transition • Corey J. Hodges
    The Point Church in Salt Lake City, UT, began as an African-American congregation. Today it’s a healthy multiethnic congregation with members from over 40 different nations. In this workshop, Corey will explain why so many churches remain segregated, the how of overcoming obstacles, and share practical insights to help you with the what of homogenous church transition.

Sociological Insights

  • Still Divided by Faith? Findings from the 20-Year Follow-Up Study • Michael O. Emerson
    Michael Emerson & Glenn Bracey have been conducting a national study of race and religion in the U.S. This study both replicates one upon which the book Divided by Faith was based, and expands our understanding given today’s changed context. In this session, Michael will share some initial findings and discuss their implications.

Jesus & Justice

  • Why Justice Belongs in Our Gospel Conversations • Ken Wytsma
    Workshop A – Wednesday, Nov 6 (10:45a)
    Join Ken to hear how a theology of justice moves us beyond merely doing good deeds or applying Christian ethics, and places the work of justice squarely in the mission of God. Such understanding reframes our engagement in society, our expression of Christian witness, and necessitates multicultural expressions of Christian community.

Empowering Diverse Leaders

  • The Reflection Effect: The Art of Developing a Diverse Leadership Team • Joel Solomon & Kevin Turpin
    A diverse congregation required a diverse leadership team. Your church has been given by God the diverse leadership it needs to thrive in a diverse setting. However, discovering, growing, and releasing those diverse leaders will not happen by accident, but by a clear mindset, purposed vision, and intentional actions. Come learn how to attract, discover, and release diverse leadership as we look at some theological and practical steps taken from some empirical studies and lived experience.

Missional & Multiethnic

  • Leading, Engaging, and Retaining Millennials • Paul Sohn
    Millennials are the largest living and the most diverse generation in the world. According to Gallup, 71% of millennials aren’t engaged in the workplace, making them the least engaged generation. In this session, Paul will share best practices and practical steps on how to lead, engage and retain millennials.


  • Modernize… or Fossilize! • Sergio & Georgina De La Mora
    One of the greatest threats to the future of the church is a widening generational gap. How can established leaders reach emerging generations disaffected by the church? Join Sergio and Georgina to discuss promising practices, new methods, and specific strategies pastors can and should embrace to overcome the challenges.

Cross-cultural Competence

  • Minding the Assimilation Trap: Cultivating Authentic Diversity • Susie Gamez
    Adapt. Accommodate. Assimilate. The ethnic minority of America is painfully familiar with this cycle. While we might celebrate diversity in the local church, many churches that identify as multiethnic often have the appearance of diversity without an authentic expression of it. In this session, Susie will explain how together we can mind the trap.

Overcoming Fears & Tensions

  • Swimming Upstream in a Downstream Culture • Derwin Gray
    Leading a multiethnic church has its unique challenges. In this workshop, Derwin will discuss best practices in and for developing a healthy multiethnic church… from establishing a strong gospel ethos and raising up a diverse leadership team, to increasing cross-cultural competency and having a powerful prayer life. Come learn to swim upstream.

Contemporary Issues

  • Blindspots: Working Together • Insil Kang
    In this workshop, Insil will highlight blind-spots that often exist on leadership teams pursuing inclusivity, specifically concerning men and women. When do power dynamics betray best intentions? How and when are women treated as second class staff? Come learn how to more readily recognize, honor, and genuinely partner with women on staff to accomplish God’s purposes

Promising Practices

  • OneRace: Join the Movement • Josh Clemons & Hazen Stevens
    The OneRace Movement is contending for racial unity by teaching a city (Atlanta, GA) to love across color, class, and culture. In this session, Josh and Hazen will share how the Movement has gathered 30,000+ believers through 40+ regional prayer gatherings, 17 pastors’ groups, and 3 catalytic events. Come consider what this might look like in your city.

Multiplication Toolbox

  • Love Your City • Tommy “Urban D.” Kyllonen & Christopher Harris
    Many outreach methods are outdated, prone to words and explanation than to love and good deeds. In this session, Tommy and Christopher will share an innovative approach that can engage your entire church to serve your community, and better learn what it means to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Common Challenges

  • Facing and Embracing the Challenges • Mont Mitchell
    Let’s face it: planting/pastoring any church is challenging… but when that church is multi-ethnic and economically diverse, overcoming the obstacles is even more challenging. Join Mont to consider promising practices for overcoming both common and unique to your context challenges, how to work smart and avoid mistakes in pursuit of your dream and calling.

The Urban Context

  • Social Influence for Spiritual Impact • Ron & Twany Dotzler
    When the church takes interest in the community, the community takes interest in the church. When we unleash the church to change the world we bring hope to countless lives and communities trapped in darkness. Come consider proven strategies that Ron and Twany have developed in Omaha, NE, to learn how your church can develop cultural inroads and leverage social influence to make a significant spiritual impact beyond its walls.

Leading Worship

  • The Confluence of Genres, Styles & the Arts in a Multiethnic Worship Setting • Jude Del Hierro
    What might worship in heaven look like (Revelation 7:9) and how we become catalytic worship leaders that bring expressions of it here on the earth? In this workshop, Jude will talk about the intersectional beauty of varying streams of church experience, cultures and generations, and share how to bring it about in your own local church.

Engaging NXT GENs

  • Equipping Volunteers for Multi-ethnic Ministry • Jared Sorber
    Volunteers play a vital role in any ministry to children and teens. This workshop will focus on foundational areas that volunteers need to be equipped in to be successful ministers in multiethnic environments. Join Jared to learn from proven practices and expand the impact of your ministry to young people.