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In this track, we’ll consider the biblical mandate of the multiethnic church to help you better understand and articulate it to others.
Leaders: Jonathan Seda • Ray Chang • Scot McKnight • Bryan Loritts

      • Ethnic Reconciliation and the Mystery of the Gospel • Jonathan Seda
        Workshop A – Wednesday, Nov 6 (10:45a)
        Helping people embrace the vision and mission of a healthy multi-ethnic church begins with strong theology. In this workshop, Jonathan will present a biblical argument to help you help others understand racial reconciliation as both integral and essential to the gospel, by unpacking Paul’s teaching in Ephesians concerning the mystery of the gospel.
      • Intersection: The Theological Crossroad of Faith, Work, and the Multiethnic Church • Ray Chang
        Workshop B – Wednesday, Nov 6 (1:30p)
        Local churches are experiencing an encroaching, much needed paradigm integration of faith and work, in part demonstrated by conversations surrounding bi-vo and co-vocational leadership. Join Ray to explore the role multiethnic churches can play at the intersection of faith, work and community, and how to equip members for impact in all spheres of life.
      • The Foundation of the Multi-Ethnic Church • Scot McKnight
        Workshop C – Thursday, Nov 7 (10:45a)
        Where does one begin to form a solid and stable foundation for the multi ethnic church? One begins with Galatians 3:28’s famous Magna Carta of comprehensive inclusion, but this session will explain how Philemon, that testy little letter of Paul to a slaveowner, shows us all where to begin.
      • C2 Leadership: Leading Flourishing Multiethnic Churches & Organizations • Bryan Loritts
        Workshop D – Thursday, Nov 7 (1:30p)
        Join Bryan to consider the why, how, and what of what of leading healthy multiethnic churches and organizations. Learn why vision must get beyond the temporal and characterized by making sacrifices that make a difference and a willingness to immerse oneself in the environments and lives of people who are different from them.


In this track, we’ll consider best practices and why a multiethnic church cannot be established or measured by conventional wisdom.
Leaders: Albert Tate • Brian Warth • Saehee Duran • Trey Grant

      • So You’re Planting a Multiethnic Church?! • Albert Tate
        Workshop A – Wednesday, Nov 6 (10:45a)
        Come learn from Albert as he shares stories of wins and losses, explains promising practices, and draws on the experiential knowledge gained from his own journey in planting Fellowship Monrovia, CA… a Gospel-centered, multiethnic, and intergenerational church, in 2012. Join him for this informative and enlightening peek behind the curtain.
      • Landmines and Lessons • Brian Warth
        Workshop B – Wednesday, Nov 6 (1:30p)
        In this workshop, Brian will unpack some of the tensions of planting an ethnically and economically diverse church. What are the inherent landmines of this type of ministry and how might you navigate them? Come be inspired and equipped by Brian’s insights and his story of planting one of the fastest growing multiethnic/multisite churches in the nation.
      • Planting an Intentionally Diverse Church in a Monocultural City • Saehee Duran
        Workshop C – Thursday, Nov 7 (10:45a)
        In 2015, Saehee and her husband, Damon, launched a multiethnic dinner church in one of the least diverse cities in America: Springfield, MO. Four years later, their work is known for its effectiveness in building bridges between varying cultures, both in and outside the church. Come learn promising practices to help position your church to reach its increasingly diverse community.
      • Should We Throw Out the Baby and the Bath Water? • Trey Grant
        Workshop D – Thursday, Nov 7 (1:30p)
        In this session, Trey will discuss the homogenous unit principle. Join him to consider its historic origin, how it has been misunderstood and misapplied over the past fifty years, and what specifically can be retained and that must rejected by those seeking to plant a healthy multiethnic church in the 21st century.


In this track, we’ll consider best practices and how to lead your existing congregation to become a healthy multiethnic church.
Leaders: Corey J. Hodges • Mark Hearn • Rufus Smith • Bernard Emerson & Kyle Brooks

      • The Why, How, and What of Transition • Corey J. Hodges
        Workshop A – Wednesday, Nov 6 (10:45a)
        The Point Church in Salt Lake City, UT, began as an African-American congregation. Today it’s a healthy multiethnic congregation with members from over 40 different nations. In this workshop, Corey will explain why so many churches remain segregated, the how of overcoming obstacles, and share practical insights to help you with the what of homogenous church transition.
      • The Rubicons of Transitioning • Mark Hearn
        Workshop B – Wednesday, Nov 6 (1:30p)
        “Rubicon”- a line that when crossed commits a person irrevocably. In this workshop, Mark will share lessons learned through the story of an Anglo suburban church in Atlanta that has transformed into a healthy multicultural community of faith with members today from 46 countries. Transition begins with the heart of leaders who must make tough decisions that require biblical fidelity. Come learn the “rubicons of transitioning.”
      • Seamless Transition via Spiritually-based Racial Reconciliation • Rufus Smith
        Workshop C – Thursday, Nov 7 (10:45a)
        Under Rufus’ leadership, Hope Evangelical Presbyterian Church (Memphis, TN) transitioned from a 99 percent, 7,000 member Caucasian congregation into a healthy multi-ethnic church. Come learn how an 8 week multi-ethnic/inter-generational small group experience called ETHNOS helped it do so, and how it can help your church do the same by creating cross-cultural friendships and discipleship experiences.
      • Multiethnic Merger: Uniting Congregations for God’s Glory • Bernard Emerson & Kyle Brooks
        Workshop D – Thursday, Nov 7 (1:30p)
        Our country desperately needs multiethnic churches… yet a decades-long transition will leave diverse neighbors without a credible witness of God’s love today. But what if building a healthy multiethnic church can be expedited through merger? In this workshop, Bernard and Kyle will share best practices for creating one multiethnic body from two mono-ethnic churches.


In this track, we’ll consider the latest research, demographic shifts, and coming trends to help you reach an increasingly diverse society.
Leaders: Michael Emerson • Korie Edwards • Ben Yazzie • Oneya Okuwobi

      • Still Divided by Faith? Findings from the 20-Year Follow-Up Study • Michael O. Emerson
        Workshop A – Wednesday, Nov 6 (10:45a)
        Michael Emerson & Glenn Bracey have been conducting a national study of race and religion in the U.S. This study both replicates one upon which the book Divided by Faith was based, and expands our understanding given today’s changed context. In this session, Michael will share some initial findings and discuss their implications.
      • Estranged Pioneers: How Pastors of Color Navigate Heading Racially and Ethnically Diverse Churches • Korie Edwards
        Workshop B – Wednesday, Nov 6 (1:30p)
        Drawing upon research from the Religious Leadership and Diversity Project (RLDP), the most comprehensive study of U.S. multiracial church head clergy ever conducted, this workshop addresses the particular experiences of pastors of color who head multiracial churches. Join Korie to consider the unique challenges, joys, and best practices such leaders can employ to be healthy and effective as multiracial church head clergy.
      • Ministering To, In, and With Diverse Peoples • Ben Yazzie
        Workshop C – Thursday, Nov 7 (10:45a)
        In this workshop, Ben will share a model for understanding cross-cultural engagement situated in a quadrants format… one that leads from external to internal levels of consideration. The model offers a perspective on components of culture and displays differences between people groups and backgrounds that contribute to Christian diversity, thereby, influencing ministry and methodology.
      • Racial Justice and the Multiethnic Church • Oneya Okuwobi
        Workshop D – Thursday, Nov 7 (1:30p)
        Multiethnic churches  employ a variety of strategies when it comes to dealing with issues of race. In this session, we will examine those strategies and  discuss the implications of those strategies for racial justice in the church and society.


In this track, we’ll consider current compartmentalization in the American Church, and why justice is not peripheral but intrinsic to the gospel.
Leaders: Ken Wytsma  Joy Kirkland • Michelle Higgins • Gabriel Salguero

      • Why Justice Belongs in Our Gospel Conversations • Ken Wytsma
        Workshop A – Wednesday, Nov 6 (10:45a)
        Join Ken to hear how a theology of justice moves us beyond merely doing good deeds or applying Christian ethics, and places the work of justice squarely in the mission of God. Such understanding reframes our engagement in society, our expression of Christian witness, and necessitates multicultural expressions of Christian community.
      • Understanding the Global Human Trafficking Crisis • Joy Kirkland
        Workshop B – Wednesday, Nov 6 (1:30p)
        In this workshop, Joy asks us to open our eyes to injustice in order to join Jesus in His mission to set captives free. Come hear a global perspective and a gospel heartbeat for confronting modern day slavery. Discover how the multicultural church can be a powerful catalyst for a Gospel Abolitionist movement.
      • Protest and the People of God • Michelle Higgins
        Workshop C – Thursday, Nov 7 (10:45a)
        Why do some block highways or disrupt “business as usual?” In this workshop, Michelle will discuss why and how Christians participate in liberation movements that do not otherwise self-identify as gospel centered. She’ll overview a history of repression against protest movements, and provide practical recommendations for ecclesial grounding, spiritual health, and resilience for those interested in community organizing.
      • Justice as Worship & Formation • Gabriel Salguero
        Workshop D – Thursday, Nov 7 (1:30p)
        In this workshop, Gabe will help you community engagement beyond Sunday mornings. How should the call to Gospel-centered worship and discipleship be proclaimed and expressed by the people of multiethnic and economically diverse congregations beyond the corporate gathering? Come consider worship as more than a song and as it is as well: a call to action.


In this track, we’ll consider why and how to take intentional steps as well as the necessity, joy, and challenges of building a diverse staff team.
Leaders: Joel Solomon & Kevin Turpin • Ken Wytsma, Insil Kang, Renjy Abraham, & Paul Choi • Kyle Ray • Matt McGue & Donavon Thigpen

      • The Reflection Effect: The Art of Developing a Diverse Leadership Team • Joel Solomon & Kevin Turpin
        Workshop A – Wednesday, Nov 6 (10:45a)
        A diverse congregation required a diverse leadership team. Your church has been given by God the diverse leadership it needs to thrive in a diverse setting. However, discovering, growing, and releasing those diverse leaders will not happen by accident, but by a clear mindset, purposed vision, and intentional actions. Come learn how to attract, discover, and release diverse leadership as we look at some theological and practical steps taken from some empirical studies and lived experience.
      • Leading a Healthy Multiethnic/Multicultural Church • Ken Wytsma, Insil Kang, Renjy Abraham, & Paul Choi
        Workshop B – Wednesday, Nov 6 (1:30p)
        If you’re hungry for practical discussion and Q&A interaction with a team from one of Oregon’s most ethnically diverse congregations, come engage leadership from Beaverton’s Village Church. The conversation will topics such as how to navigate race/power conversations and dynamics, empowering diverse leaders, the integration of first and second generations, and more.
      • The Ripple Effects of An Intentionally Diverse Staff Team • Kyle Ray
        Workshop C – Thursday, Nov 7 (10:45a)
        Intentionality is essential to building healthy multiethnic churches… yet some of the more subtle, practical benefits are not always discussed. In this workshop, Kyle will talk about the passive benefits of intentionally empowering a diverse staff team. Come be challenged to consider the deeper layers of transformation that can come from intentional moves by leadership.
      • The Dynamics of Shared Leadership in a Healthy Multi-ethic Church • Donavon Thigpen & Matt McGue
        Workshop D – Thursday, Nov 7 (1:30p)
        It’s a “put your money where your mouth is” principle: multi-ethnic churches must empower a diverse leadership team. Join Donovan and Matt to learn why you should, how you can, and what to do to create such a team and/or to develop a succession plan for emerging leaders of color.


In this track, we’ll consider current compartmentalization in the American Church, and why these two approaches are more rightly understood and pursued as one.
Leaders: Paul Sohn • Ed Stetzer • Jason Janz & Juan Pena • Rodrigo Cruz

      • Leading, Engaging, and Retaining Millennials • Paul Sohn
        Workshop A – Wednesday, Nov 6 (10:45a)
        Millennials are the largest living and the most diverse generation in the world. According to Gallup, 71% of millennials aren’t engaged in the workplace, making them the least engaged generation. In this session, Paul will share best practices and practical steps on how to lead, engage and retain millennials.
      • Building Better Multiethnic Teams • Ed Stetzer
        Workshop B – Wednesday, Nov 6 (1:30p)
        Multiethnic ministry takes extra effort to avoid miscommunication between people of varying cultural backgrounds. In this session, missiologist Ed Stetzer will explain how to build healthy multiethnic teams through better cross-cultural communication. Join him to learn best practices of communication theory applied in a local church or ministry context.
      • From Missional Lingo to Meaningful Impact • Jason Janz & Juan Pena
        Workshop C – Thursday, Nov 7 (10:45a)
        How can pastors and churches get beyond asking, How do we help neighbors in poverty? to actually helping their neighbors escape poverty? Come learn from Jason and Juan whose multiethnic church in urban Denver has raised over $20,000,000 since 2008 and used it to help over 250 neighborhood residents land careers making $15 an hour or more.
      • The Church Has Left the Building • Rodrigo Cruz
        Workshop D – Thursday, Nov 7 (1:30p)
        In 2015, Rodrigo planted the NETT Church in Atlanta, GA as part of the UMC. Join him to consider the New Testament Church at Antioch as a model for competent cross-cultural ministry, effective multiethnic church planting, and fruitful missiological movement, and in the process consider viability for practical implementation in our society.


In this track, we’ll explore AI, the coming revolution in church economics, and more, in order to repurpose the church now for the future of things to come.
Leaders: Sergio & Georgina De La Mora • Kevin Haah & Senator Joyce Elliot (D, AR-31) • Jay Moon & Paul Kroger • Christopher Benek

      • Modernize… or Fossilize! • Sergio & Georgina De La Mora
        Workshop A – Wednesday, Nov 6 (10:45a)
        One of the greatest threats to the future of the church is a widening generational gap. How can established leaders reach emerging generations disaffected by the church? Join Sergio and Georgina to discuss promising practices, new methods, and specific strategies pastors can and should embrace to overcome the challenges.
      • Dealing with Political Division in a Multiethnic Church • Kevin Haah
        Workshop B – Wednesday, Nov 6 (1:30p)
        The current political environment is divisive. Different ethnic groups have different political leanings. How can pastors effectively navigate the minefield of political differences in a multiethnic church, and bring people together when political loyalties have become so personal? Join Kevin to learn how to build unity “across the aisle” in a local church.
      • Generating Income by Establishing Non Profit & For-profit Enterprises • Jay Moon & Paul Kroger
        Workshop C – Thursday, Nov 7 (10:45a)
        Many churches and church planters are stretched financially, which can result in frustration and closure. In this session, Jay and Paul will explain why your church should consider innovative approaches that impact the community and marketplace in order to get beyond economic survival and move toward sustainability by creating multiple streams of income.
      • Will Your Church Survive the Tech Disruptions of the Next Decade? • Christopher Benek
        Workshop D – Thursday, Nov 7 (1:30p)
        Emerging technology is exponentially disrupting how we execute ministry. Knowing what is coming and how to adapt is an issue of survival for over half of U.S. churches in the next decade. Join Christopher to learn how to leverage emerging trends and give healthy multiethnic churches an edge to flourishing by creating new sources of sustainability.


In this track, we’ll consider how to become more adept in relationships by understanding nuance, historical divides, and opportunities for reconciliation.
Leaders: Susie Gamez • Daniel Rodriguez • Nesan Kistan Harry Li 

      • Minding the Assimilation Trap: Cultivating Authentic Diversity • Susie Gamez
        Workshop A – Wednesday, Nov 6 (10:45a)
        Adapt. Accommodate. Assimilate. The ethnic minority of America is painfully familiar with this cycle. While we might celebrate diversity in the local church, many churches that identify as multiethnic often have the appearance of diversity without an authentic expression of it. In this session, Susie will explain how together we can mind the trap.
      • Removing the Walls Between the Local Church & Its Hispanic Neighbors • Daniel A. Rodriguez
        Workshop B – Wednesday, Nov 6 (1:30p)
        Daniel has been conducting research across the country to better understand how to remove the social and theological barriers that inhibit the church’s effort to reach a diverse and growing Hispanic population. In this workshop, he’ll share some of the counter-intuitive findings and their implications for missional engagement.

      • Developing Culturally Diverse Leaders • Nesan Kistan
        Workshop C – Thursday, Nov 7 (10:45a)
        Culturally diverse teams can help deliver better outcomes. They have the potential to be more creative, but conflicting cultural norms and assumptions can keep them from reaching their full potential. Join Nesan to learn how to spot and address points of tension before they arise to undermine good intentions and results.
      • Tilling the Soil • Harry Li
        Workshop D – Thursday, Nov 7 (1:30p)
        One of the worst things an organization can do is to pursue greater diversity without properly preparing for it. Join Harry to examine conditions for breaking new ground and ways to improve collective self-awareness so that both the organization itself and early-in pioneers are well prepared for the challenges that lay ahead.


In this track, we’ll consider subtle and not so subtle barriers that keep our churches from honest and healthy interaction with diverse others.
Leaders: Derwin Gray • Miles McPherson • Ellis Prince • Joanne Solis-Walker

      • Swimming Upstream in a Downstream Culture • Derwin Gray
        Workshop A – Wednesday, Nov 6 (10:45a)
        Leading a multiethnic church has its unique challenges. In this workshop, Derwin will discuss best practices in and for developing a healthy multiethnic church… from establishing a strong gospel ethos and raising up a diverse leadership team, to increasing cross-cultural competency and having a powerful prayer life. Come learn to swim upstream.
      • The Third Option: Hope for a Racially Divided Nation • Miles McPherson
        Workshop B – Wednesday, Nov 6 (1:30p)
        In this workshop, Miles will discuss individual and collective frustration with mounting racial tension and divisions in the U.S. as well as in the church. Come learn how we can and must lead our people to rise above divisive issues to be part of something bigger by fully embracing God’s goodness and power.
      • Lessons from the Front • Ellis Prince
        Workshop C – Thursday, Nov 7 (10:45a)
        Ellis has served as a pastor of a multiethnic, economically diverse church in Baltimore for the past eleven years, a city that is more than 75 percent non-white, and leading the nation in all the wrong categories. Join Ellis to consider what is needed to get beyond hurt to hope and unite diverse people together as one in the local church.
      • Systemic Racism: The Elephant in the Church • Joanne Solis-Walker
        Workshop D – Thursday, Nov 7 (1:30p)
        This session will address how processes and systems can contribute to the alienation of people from diverse backgrounds, even when a church is attempting to be a multiethnic community. Using a culturally responsive framework, Joanne will explain how to move from naming the ‘elephant in the room’ to changing unintentional behaviors that propagate institutional biases and ungodly divisiveness within the church.


In this track, we’ll consider some of the more difficult topics your church is likely to encounter, discuss, and process in an increasingly diverse society.
Leaders: Insil Kang • Rich Nathan • David Anderson • Mathew Kuruvilla

      • Blindspots: Working Together • Insil Kang
        Workshop A – Wednesday, Nov 6 (10:45a)
        In this workshop, Insil will highlight blind-spots that often exist on leadership teams pursuing inclusivity, specifically concerning men and women. When do power dynamics betray best intentions? How and when are women treated as second class staff? Come learn how to more readily recognize, honor, and genuinely partner with women on staff to accomplish God’s purposes
      • Pastoring Diverse Members in Politically Divided Times • Rich Nathan
        Workshop B – Wednesday, Nov 6 (1:30p)
        Surveys and personal experience tell us that America is more polarized than it has been in decades. Political discourse has become increasingly angry, and both the left and the right frequently demonize each other. Even church members have become conditioned to read every message through political lenses. Join Rich to practical tips for guiding others in these divisive times.

      • Gracism for Gays • David Anderson
        Workshop C – Thursday, Nov 7 (10:45a)
        As same-sex marriage becomes the law of the land, churches in America must grapple with the issue of homosexuality within its four walls. Join David to consider Gracism for Gays, a framework church leaders can use to navigate inclusivity and complexity without compromise.
      • Challenges of Ministry in a Religiously Diverse Neighborhood • Mathew Kuruvilla
        Workshop D – Thursday, Nov 7 (1:30p) 
        Join Mathew to explore the opportunities and challenges of leading healthy multiethnic churches in religiously diverse neighborhoods. Come consider how Parkside Baptist in Sydney, Australia, engages its neighbors worshipping next door in a Laotian Buddhist Temple, Muslim Mosque, Islamic College, and Chinese, Vietnamese and Cambodian Temples… as is similarly becoming the American context.


In this track, we’ll consider some of the latest trends, innovative approaches, and effective solutions to help you build a healthy multiethnic church.
Leaders: Josh Clemons & Hazen Stevens • Noemi Chavez • Dr. John M. Perkins • Ben Cloud & Marcellus Dukes

      • OneRace: Join the Movement • Josh Clemons & Hazen Stevens
        Workshop A – Wednesday, Nov 6 (10:45a)
        The OneRace Movement is contending for racial unity by teaching a city (Atlanta, GA) to love across color, class, and culture. In this session, Josh and Hazen will share how the Movement has gathered 30,000+ believers through 40+ regional prayer gatherings, 17 pastors’ groups, and 3 catalytic events. Come consider what this might look like in your city.
      • From Diversity to Influence • Noemi Chavez
        Workshop B – Wednesday, Nov 6 (1:30p)
        The effectiveness of a healthy multiethnic church is not measured by size but by influence. By leveraging diversity, it can build unique partnerships throughout a city and influence decisions that advance hope for all. Join Noemi to learn how your church can leverage its diversity, broaden its impact, and strengthen its credibility for the sake of the gospel.
      • Dream With Me • Dr. John M. Perkins
        Workshop C – Thursday, Nov 7 (10:45a)
        Justice is something for which every generation must strive. Reconciliation cannot be accomplished through big campaigns or mass media, only by love. In this session, Dr. Perkins will share words of wisdom from a life well loved, his hope for the American Church and heart for future generations.
        It’s Dr. P… need we say more;-)!
      • Merging Two Church Families: Lessons Learned • Ben Cloud & Marcellus Dukes
        Workshop D – Thursday, Nov 7 (1:30p)
        Come learn how two churches dated before merging, and the awkwardness they experienced along the way. In this workshop, Ben and Marcellus will speak to the necessity of compromise, culture shifts, values that have guided them along the way as well as moments of victory and surprise.


In this track, we’ll consider some of the best tools, resources, and opportunities (post-conference) for pastors serious about effecting change in their churches.
Leaders: Rich Bonham, Stephen Beck, Joy Kirkland, Martin Robinson, Hans & Carolien Euser • Yucan Chiu • Stephen Beck • Tommy “Urban D.” Kyllonen & Christopher Harris

      • Love Your City • Tommy “Urban D.” Kyllonen & Christopher Harris
        Workshop A – Wednesday, Nov 6 (10:45a)
        Many outreach methods are outdated, prone to words and explanation than to love and good deeds. In this session, Tommy and Christopher will share an innovative approach that can engage your entire church to serve your community, and better learn what it means to love our neighbor as ourselves.
      • Multifaceted Multiplication • Yucan Chiu
        Workshop B – Wednesday, Nov 6 (1:30p)
        Many believe that church multiplication can only happen after a certain budget and/or attendance is reached. In fact, it can happen sooner. Join Yucan to consider various models and proven strategies employed by the Ethnos Network, a thriving multiethnic church planting group that grew from one to fifteen churches in less than four years.
      • A Global New Normal • Stephen Beck
        Workshop C – Thursday, Nov 7 (10:45a)
        Surprised by the overwhelming refugee wave and increasing numbers of Muslims coming into the European Church, we in Europe have joined the MosaiX Movement and are bringing a special emphasis by equipping national leaders (mono) to embrace foreigners and refugees (multi) in their church communities. Join Stephen to learn more about the European context and how to similarly engage.
      • Indeed… a Global Movement & Network • MosaiX Europe Team
        Workshop D – Thursday, Nov 7 (1:30p)
        The Multiethnic (or Multicultural as they say in Europe) Church Movement is alive well across the pond and around the world. In this workshop, come meet MosaiX Europe’s core leadership team representing Germany, England, Greece, and The Netherlands to learn how you/your church can potentially get involved in new church starts, existing church transformation, and justice work in twelve countries throughout Europe.


In this track, we’ll consider some of the latest trends, innovative approaches, and effective solutions for overcoming the obstacles in building a healthy multiethnic church.
Leaders: Mont Mitchell • Grace Ji-Sun Kim • Daniel Yang • Sam Chacko

      • Facing and Embracing the Challenges • Mont Mitchell
        Workshop A – Wednesday, Nov 6 (10:45a)
        Let’s face it: planting/pastoring any church is challenging… but when that church is multi-ethnic and economically diverse, overcoming the obstacles is even more challenging. Join Mont to consider promising practices for overcoming both common and unique to your context challenges, how to work smart and avoid mistakes in pursuit of your dream and calling.
      • Healing Our Broken Humanity • Grace Ji-Sun Kim
        Workshop B – Wednesday, Nov 6 (1:30p)
        In this workshop, Grace will offer Christian practices that can bring healing and hope to a broken world. Ten ways to transform society – from lament and repentance, to relinquishing power – will be discussed. Join her to learn how, by embodying these practices, we can become the new humanity in Jesus Christ, and as peacemakers and reconcilers see justice restored.
      • Avoiding Tokenism and the Heterogenous Leadership ParadigmDaniel Yang
        Workshop C – Thursday, Nov 7 (10:45a)
        The future of missions in North America requires culturally intelligent leaders and meaningfully diverse leadership teams. However, as many leaders and pastors are finding out, it’s not as simple as hiring a young “minority” person. In this workshop, Daniel will share how to establish meaningful and reflective diversity in organizational leadership and thought leadership.
      • They Say It Can’t Be Done • Sam Chacko
        Workshop D – Thursday, Nov 7 (1:30p)
        In this workshop, Sam will discuss some of the challenges faced by church planters who come from an Honor/Shame culture. Come learn from his experience as a bi-vocational pastor who launched a church with 20 Indian Americans, one today that is comprised of more than 25 ethnic groups.


In this track, we’ll consider best practices related to multiethnic church planting, growth, and development in challenging environments, and how to fund them.
Leaders: Ron & Twany Dotzler • Alex Mandes, John Gearhart & Charles Wilson • Efrem Smith & Alex Mandes • Georgia Mjartan 

      • Social Influence for Spiritual Impact • Ron & Twany Dotzler
        Workshop A – Wednesday, Nov 6 (10:45a)
        When the church takes interest in the community, the community takes interest in the church. When we unleash the church to change the world we bring hope to countless lives and communities trapped in darkness. Come consider proven strategies that Ron and Twany have developed in Omaha, NE, to learn how your church can develop cultural inroads and leverage social influence to make a significant spiritual impact beyond its walls.
      • Recalibrating Community Development & Church Planting Paradigms • Alex Mandes with John Gearhart & Charles Wilson
        Workshop B – Wednesday, Nov 6 (1:30p)
        Too often, people talk about community development apart from the local church; and vice versa. The most successful urban ministries, however, wed these two elements. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to get beyond compartmentalization, what attitudes and practices from the past must be adapted or discarded, how to advance the Gospel and build the church through transformational community engagement.
      • The Urgency of Urban Church Planting •  Efrem Smith Alex Mandes
        Workshop C – Thursday, Nov 7 (10:45a)
        In the last 50 years, urban population has risen from 70% to 82%. But churches are fleeing urban centers or approaching them with old, ineffective paradigms. In this session, Efrem and Alex will explain why urban centers present gospel opportunities for those who stay, serve, adapt and are authentic.
      • Authentic Engagement: Where Mission and Ministry Meet Up • Georgia Mjartan
        Workshop D – Thursday, Nov 7 (1:30p)
        Developing meaningful opportunities for an ethnically and economically diverse membership to engage with the community can pay dividends in recruitment, retention, and even bottom line. But only if it’s done in an authentic and intentional way. Move your membership beyond the “volunteer” mindset into an immersion ethos.


In this track, we’ll consider best practices related to worship arts involving people with varying past experiences, personalities, and preferences.
Leaders: Jude Del Hierro • Eric Lige • Julie Tai • Joshua Chavez

      • The Confluence of Genres, Styles & the Arts in a Multiethnic Worship Setting • Jude Del Hierro
        Workshop A – Wednesday, Nov 6 (10:45a)
        What might worship in heaven look like (Revelation 7:9) and how we become catalytic worship leaders that bring expressions of it here on the earth? In this workshop, Jude will talk about the intersectional beauty of varying streams of church experience, cultures and generations, and share how to bring it about in your own local church.
      • Relationships, Song Sets & More • Eric Lige
        Workshop B – Wednesday, Nov 6 (1:30p)
        What specific, essentials elements are necessary for developing a healthy and vibrant multiethnic worship gathering? From staff relationships to song sequences, Eric will explain what it takes to create a loving and thriving worship experience for everyone involved in your church.
      • Cultivating Compassion In A Divided Room Julie Tai
        Workshop C – Thursday, Nov 7 (10:45a)
        In an increasingly divided world, what can worship leaders do to foster a greater compassion in Christ followers for our biblical neighbors? In this workshop, Julie will explore creative ways and share practical tips that can help you lead others to see Christ in one another through the act of worship. 
      • Reviving Worship • Joshua Chavez
        Workshop D – Thursday, Nov 7 (1:30p)
        If you’ve all been blessed by music at #Mosaix19, come hang out with Josh who’s put it all together. In this session, he’ll discusses the how and what of constructing Sunday morning worship sets that that promote a spirit of inclusion, get diverse musicians and singers in involved, and can help you “stage” the vision beyond mere words.


In this track, we’ll consider best practices for engaging, encouraging, and equipping future generations in and through multiethnic ministry.Leaders: Jared Sorber • Georgia Morris & Linda Lovett • Dorena WilliamsonJason Koppen & Daniel Esplin

      • Equipping Volunteers for Multi-ethnic Ministry • Jared Sorber
        Workshop A – Wednesday, Nov 6 (10:45a)
        Volunteers play a vital role in any ministry to children and teens. This workshop will focus on foundational areas that volunteers need to be equipped in to be successful ministers in multiethnic environments. Join Jared to learn from proven practices and expand the impact of your ministry to young people.
      • Empowering Young People Through CPR• Georgia Morris & Linda Lovett
        Workshop B – Wednesday, Nov 6 (1:30p)
        Outside of Sunday mornings, lay people can make a significant impact in the lives of children throughout the week. In this workshop, Georgia and Linda will share the why, how, and what of developing an award-winning CPR (chess, problem-solving, and reading) program in their community that’s bringing children from diverse ethnic, economic, and religious backgrounds into the church.
      • Show & Tell: Using Images & Words to Build Healthy Multiethnic Homes & Ministries • Dorena Williamson
        Workshop C – Thursday, Nov 7 (10:45a)
        From Black Panther, to #notmyAriel, diversity is part of our world. Representation matters and can always be improved. Using her three diverse children’s books, In this workshop, Dorena will provide insights and practical ways for parents and churches to shape a kingdom identity for children.
      • Building Trust in the Midst of Trust-Issues Jason Koppen & Daniel Esplin
        Workshop D – Thursday, Nov 7 (1:30p)
        Today’s younger generations have experienced abandonment, betrayal, and even abuse.  Building trusting relationships is more important—and more difficult—than ever.  Drawing from their work with one of the most “trust-challenged” people groups in the world, Jason and Daniel will discuss how to build a trusting community of all generations.